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18-21 SEPTIEMBRE 2014


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The Art Fair of Art Fairs


  • MATADERO Madrid

    The structure and disposition of the warehouses, designed by young Spanish architects, represent a unique location that nourishes the exhibition space with natural light, connected by a courtyard that articulates and communicates the spaces, favouring networking and exchange among its visitors. The renowned architectural firm NietoSobejano will be responsible for the SUMMA design of both the booths and the fair itself.

  • Who We Are

    With more than five years of experience organizing art fairs that were specialized in specific formats of the arts, ArtFairs is ready to take a step forward in its strategy to promote the Arts and its appropriate commercialization, giving all its experience and energy to create a unique and inviting international.

  • About SUMMA

    SUMMA promotes a new contemporary fair that meets the demands of a new wave of collectors, eager to know the new values of art and to contribute to the change in the relationships and practices of acquiring art and dealing with galleries. The fair delves into new media, technology and photography

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